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 #0382C Tote-O-Tote $27.99 SALE $19.99
Beautiful workmanship, 12" h x 12" w, -- no Dorothy can be without Toto! This plush Toto stuffed pooch has a fully lined zippered compartment to hide those dog bisquits or anything your little heart desires! He makes a wonderful companion to Dorothy on Halloween. This item is outstanding quality from North American Bear Co.with sturdy tricot handles & a beautiful Gingham bow.

Shelia's Wizard of Oz Characters

Shelia's Wizard of Oz Characters
Click on the image to see larger view of the pieces.
Shelia's 3-dimensional scenes and characters began in 2000 and were all retired in 2003.
There were a total of 26 pieces to Shelia's Oz collection, they were released a few at a time.
Three of the original pieces are not shown in this picture:
(A small Emerald City [shown below], a standing Dorothy, and the Poppyfield display shelf.)
If your kitchen, breakfast, bed or dining room is decorated in an Oz motif, these would be wonderful on a chair rail. Place them in any order you wish.
They would also be cute on a display shelf, curio, on the kitchen counter back board or many other places. It's a fabulous storyboard and very good quality.
We will check availability, some might be sold out.
Individual pieces listed below are available separately while supplies last:
These pieces span in height from Toto being the smallest piece @ 2¼" - 4" high.
#0275 Tin Man before Oz $19.99
#0276 Cowardly Lion before Oz $19.99
#0278 Coroner $17.99
#0279 Glinda $19.99
#0282 Mayor $17.99
#0324 Dorothy w/ Ruby Slippers $19.99
#0326 Lollipop Boy $17.99
#0340 Toto w/ basket $17.99
#0342 Wizard $17.99
#0343 Scarecrow w/ Diploma $19.99
#0345 Lion w/ medal $19.99
#0346 Flying Witch $19.99

#0274 Scarecrow before Oz $19.99 (sold out)
#0344 Tin Man w/ his heart $19.99 (sold out)
#0341 Haunted Forest Tree $24.99 (sold out)
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2000 - 2003

Wizard of Oz Diecut Cards:

These five Oz cards are blank and handy for any occasion!
#0026A Dorothy w/ Toto$2.50 SOLD-OUT
#0026B Scarecrow $2.50 SALE $1.99
#0026E Wicked Witch $2.50 SALE $1.99
#0026I Toto $2.50 SALE $1.99
#0026G Glinda $2.50 $1.99
#0026G2 Glinda Gift Tag $1.00

#0026C Tin Man $2.50 SOLD OUT
#0026D Cowardly Lion $2.50 SOLD OUT
#0026H Poppyfield Skip $2.50 SOLD OUT
#0026F Ruby Slippers $2.50 SOLD OUT
Card in cello pouch and envelope included.
©Turner Entertainment Co. 1992

Wicked Witch Stein
#0245B Witch motif, 28 oz. stein (white ceramic) $9.99

See all sides, it's very pretty, my pretty!
©Turner Entertainment Co. 1998

Munchkin Little Jeane Card
Jeane LaBarbara Drake
Better known as "Little Jeane"
was the smallest Munchkin in Oz.
This was her publicity post card.
Front and back of card shown.
#0098YZ5 50¢ each.

Rare and in limited quantities.

#0311 TV Guide Ultimate Cable Guide
This TV Guide was test marketed in select areas with the Oz cover, and some pages inside are like the four-cover editions. Size 10½" x 7½". They were quite hard to find. Limited quantities.SALE $4.99

Click on the image to see enlarged.

Rare Oz POGS

These two POGS were withdrawn from the set prior to circulation in the early 90's -- the Wash & Brush Up one is autographed/signed by two women who were in the scene Dona Massin & Lois January.

Item #0000-11 $50 set

#MISC0022 The Wizard of Oz Plates (1989)
This set of eight Limited Edition plates from The Hamilton Collection are from the 1989 50th Anniversary. These are mint and have never been out of the original boxes, all certificates enclosed. The artwork is by Thomas Blackshear (who also did the art on the 1991 Oz stamp, the "Oz Portrait Plates", and the "50 Years of Oz" plate).
ONE SET LEFT $499 SALE $399.99

Click on the image to see enlarged.
© Turner Entertainment 1989

#0076 50th Anniversary Montserrat Oz Stamps
Montserrat, a British crown colony island in the SE West Indies is very well known for doing special commemorative stamps, cachets, and first day covers. In 1989, they released this lovely set of Oz commemoratives. The set includes the two special Oz envelopes with 50th Anniversary cachets, each include two of the main character stamps and are first day canceled. The set also includes the larger stamp within a stamp, and a complete set of main character stamps in a display folder.
$25 SALE $14.99 While supplies last.
Click on the image to see enlarged.

#0033 Ken® as the Tin Man $49.99 SALE $29.99

The 1997 Limited Edition Ken® as the Tin Man is available while very limited supplies last. We are completely SOLD OUT of Barbie® as Dorothy and Glinda, and also Ken® as the Lion and Ken® as the Scarecrow.
Click on the image to see enlarged.
©Turner Entertainment Co.

#OZZI A Farewell to Ozzie Smith
This heavy duty "A Farewell to Oz" poster adorned the Newspaper boxes on Ozzie Smith's (St. Louis's famous shortstop) on the day of his final game at Busch Stadium, September 28, 1996. $4.99
Click on the image to see enlarged.2

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