Wizard of Oz Scrapbooking Supplies
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                             #0902A Wizard of Oz Glinda Journal
With magnetic closure. Many uses. $17.99

                             #0902B Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Journal
With magnetic closure. Many uses. $17.99

                               #0903A Glinda Car Magnet $8.99
#0903B Wicked Witch Car Magnet $8.99
and many other uses, like school lockers, fridge etc.

                             #0904B Blank Card Wicked Witch $3.99

#0904A Blank Card Glinda $3.99

                             #0905 OZ Mini Die-cut Characters
50+ little Oz characters approximately 3" can insert into cake however main use is for scrapbooking.



OZ Puzzles
#0906A Poppyfield $14.99

#0906B Wicked Witch $14.99


Oz 3-Dimensional Stickers

#0907A 3-D Wizard of Oz 3-D $3.99
#0907B 3-D Glinda Stickers $3.99
#0907C 3-D Emblem Stickers $3.99

                                      Wizard of Oz Stickers
#0908A Sticky Pix Characters $2.49
#0908B Ruby Slipper Stickers $2.49
#0908C Oz Round Scene Stickers $2.49
#0908D Oz Emblem Stickers $2.49

#0909 (Left) Oz Glitter Rub-Ons $3.49
#0910 (Right) Oz Stickers + Border $3.99

                             #0901 Oz Paper Pad -- OUT OF STOCK NOW!
This tablet of 12" x 12" scrapbooking papers (24 papers per tablet) the cover
shows the different motifs in the pad.
Current and discontinued that are only available in this pad. $14.99 OUT OF STOCK - CAN SPECIAL ORDER

#0911 Oz Chipboard Stickers $3.99
This set is made of thick cardboard.

                                   #0912 Bookmarks $2.50 each
A Dorothy
B Glinda
C Witch
D Poppyfield

                             #0913 Bookmark Magnetic Page Holders $3.00 pkg

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