Wizard of Oz Collector's Treasures Page I

#SC0022 Warner Brothers Stickers
From 1998, MIB, does not specify how many are in the box. $19.99

#SC0054 Holiday Delights Lot
From 1989, this lot consists of 3 Oz tins that are full of the original products. Some have Oz butter cookies and some Oz character gummies. $39.95

#SC0088 Colorful Baum Oz Magnets
Three magnets, as shown. Set of three. $10

#SC0098 Oz Kids Display Balloon
These balloons hold air great! They come in a bag, boxed, with all the instructions. Mint, we have 2 of them. $49.99

#SC0099 Simplicity Wizard of Oz (licensed) Pattern
Mint in the package, as shown. $14.99

#SC0115 Grossman Cast of Oz Set
This set includes Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion with original boxes and certificates. Sculptor Michael Roche, produced in 1989 by David Grossman Creations. $249.99


#SC0124 Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collector's Plate
This is VERY rare. Mr. Rooney did not approve this plate and made the manufacturer cease production and dispose of the mold. Includes box and certificates. $99.99

#SC0127 Avon Easter Parade Plate
In original box. This item did not ever have a certificate. $49.99

#SC0110 Wizard of Oz Plates
This was the first series of Oz plates by James Auckland. They were produced and released from 1977 through 1979. The set includes all original certificates. See page 76/77 in the Collector's Treasury. $299.99

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Oz Cell Phone Faceplates for 6340/6340i
If you own the Cingular model 6340 or 6340i you can switch the faceplate to one of these Oz designs. We only have one of each, you will receive step by step instructions for the replacement process. You will need a T6 driver (check at Sears tool department).
#SC0185A Glinda 6340 cell phone series faceplate. $35 (cost) custom made.

#SC0185B Slipper/Yellow Brick Road (right) "SOLD"

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