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These items were given to my father from Mickey. Dad ocassionally drove Mickey
to local Oz appearances. They both passed away in 2009.
$49.00 (a portion of this sale going to Dorothy Gage Memorial Flower Fund)

#CCB0078 MGM 50th Anniversary Scarecrow Cloisonne Pin $10.99

#CCB0080 Oz Nesting Dolls 4 pc set + 2 from another set + storage bag $19
Dorothy has a chip in the paint (shown)

#CCB0081 Mary Kay "Ruby Slipper" Nail Polish $5

#CC0001 At-A-Glance 2004 Calendar Unopened. $4.99

#CC0002 50th Anniversary Shopping Bag & 1993 MGMUA Lion's Roar September Issue. $14.99

#CC0005 At-A-Glance 1999 Calendar Unopened. $9.99

CC#0008 Blockbuster Video Promo Bag. $4.99

#CC0009 Blockbuster Promo Window Cling (preserved in plastic). $4.99

#CC0010 At-A-Glance 1999 Calendar Unopened. $4.99

#CC0015 One of the 50th Anniversary DQ Poster/Calendars. $14.99

#CC0016 One of the 50th Anniversary DQ Posters w/ calendar & coupons. $14.99

#CC0017 1990 Dreamer of Oz poster for the NBC made for TV movie printed by Scholastic Press.

#CC0018 1989 50th Anniversary huge poster "Gone With The Wind". $9.99

#CC0019 2000 Hallmark Oz Calendar Unopened. $19.99

#CC0020 2001 Hallmark Oz Calendar Unopened. $19.99

#CC0021 1995 Hallmark Oz Calendar -- props, design and set-up by Tod Machin. $29.99

1997- 2000 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments excuse blurry pictures, all are mint in th box.
#CC0023A Weinermobile. $22.99
#CC0023B Mini Ruby Slippers. SOLD
#CC0023C Mini Toto. SOLD
#CC0023D Mini Glinda & Wicked Witch. $24.99
#CC0023E Mini Foursome: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion. $24.99
#CC0023F Mini Tin Man's Heart/clock. $14.99

#CC0025 1985 Hollywood Studio Magazine Oz Poster (flat exclusively for Beyond the Rainbow) $4.99

#CC0026 1990 Wizard of Oz Mini Stamp Poster, Introduction to Stamp Collecting & a row of stamps.

#CC0027 1990 Oz motif Introduction to Stamp Collecting Booklet & one Oz Stamp. $6.99

#CC0029 Krystal's Hamburgers lovely 1989 Oz 50th Menu Light Transparacy Poster RARE!(see through) $49.99

#CC0030 MGMUA Leading Ladies Video Release Brochure. $2.99

#CC0032 Package of Various Oz-related brochures from the past 20 years! Packs vary and we promise
that you will not be disappointed - a Treasure Trove from coast to coast. There are several asst. packets of these.

#CC0033 2002 At-A-Glance 16-month Oz Calendar Unopened. $4.99

#CC0035 Wizard of Oz Black & White poster. $24.99

#CC0039 1998 The Wizard of Oz On Tour Poster. $49.99

#CC0040 1998 The Wizard of Oz On Tour Souvenir Program & Playbill. $49.99

#CC0044 Picture taken from different angles, Oz Video Poster. $49.99

#CC0046 1991 Charles Santore Oz Book, beautiful illustrations! $29.99

#CC0047 The Science of Oz Poster. $14.99

#CC0048 1997 Tams-Witmark Oz Cover Catalogue. $14.99

#CC0049 1999 Huge, stunning TNT Oz Poster (see through) really lovely! $59.99

#CC0053 2001 Andy Warhol Diva Calendar Unopened. $14.99

#CC0055 Picture was taken from two angles TNT's "The Wizard of Oz In Concert".
One Night - November 22, 1996 Poster (that benefitted The Children's Defense Fund).

#CC0059 MGM Diamond Jubilee 60 Years of Great Entertainment poster
27" x 40" heavy stock, quite rare. $24.99

#CC0061 Easter Parade Video release poster.
24" x 36" $19.99

#CC0063 Judy in Concert wearing her Valley of the Dolls costume.
29½" x 40" $19.99

#CC0065 Judy Garland 70th Birthday Video Release poster.

#CC0070 "The Wicked Witch of the West" Poster,
Unforgettable Performances by Michael Regnier

Click image for larger view.
  #CC0071 Wizard of Oz Oz (2000) TV Cable Guide (mint) $2.99

The posters have been rolled (unless they came folded) and put away since their release.
We took these pictures quickly and put them back in their tubes.
Please spread the word about this special Ozportunity. Thank you!

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